B Grade Black Annealed

B Grade Black Annealed

B GRADE BLACK ANNEALED With high-quality hot-rolled coil as its materials, cold-rolled sheet is made in such a process as descaling through pickling multi-step deforming by rolling in the cold tandem mill , electro-cleaning and annealing as well as skinpassing and finishing, etc. The cold-rolled...

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The high-quality hot-rolled coil material is used as raw material, and the cold-rolled sheet is made by cold rolling tandem rolling, electric washing, annealing, surface finishing, pickling and multi-step deformation. Cold rolled products have excellent mechanical precision, processing characteristics and thickness, and are suitable for use in construction vehicles, home appliances, transportation and other industries.

B GRADE BLACK ANNEALED is the second level product, the quality a little lower than A Grade, the price much lower than first class product.  

Standard:ASTM, JIS
Grade:JIS SGCC etc.
Place of Origin:Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Yinheng
Model Number:Cold Rolled
Type:Steel Coil
Technique:Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment:No-skinpass
Application:Construction and Base Metal
Special Use:common used for roofing, building and anyothers.
Length:Base on thickness

Main characteristics:

This steel has been cold rolled. This steel adopts hot-rolled steel coil as raw material, and is subjected to pickling to remove scale and then cold-rolled. The final product is rolled hard roll, and the cold work hardening caused by sustaining cold deformation improves the strength and hardness of the rolled hard roll. Hence, the hardness of this product is very high.

This product has been annealed. After annealing, the metal loses its original hardness due to heat. Annealing reduces the hardness and brittleness of the metal and increases the plasticity of the product. In addition, it also makes the product easier to process.

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