A Grade Galvanized Steel

A GRADE GALVANIZED STEEL Pure zinc coated , regular spangle galvanized steel sheet , have been rolled in the continuous cold-rolling mill and sent to the continuous hot-dip galvanizing line to wash electrolytically, the strip is first to be annealed in a continuous annealing furnace and then...

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Product Details

Product specification


Place of Origin:Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Yinheng
Model Number:Galvanized
Type:Steel Coil
Surface Treatment:No-skinpass
Application:Construction and Base Metal
Special Use:It is generally used for roofing, building and an yothers.
Length:Base on thickness
Zinc Coating:40g~270g/m2

Brief introduction

This steel is galvanized because zinc forms a film on the surface and has good properties in corrosive environments. It not only protects the zinc layer but also protects the steel base. Therefore its service life will be greatly extended. It has been used in construction, household appliances, car moving, sockets, transportation, etc. Grade galvanized steel is the first grade product. Our factory is a professional steel factory in Liaoning Province. Can provide products with good quality and affordable prices to meet the different requirements of customers.

Product picture

Product usages

Construction industry: manufacturing roof panels, roof grills, etc. 

Household products: housings for home appliances, chimneys and kitchen utensils, etc.

Automotive industry: automotive parts with good corrosion performance

Food industry: equipment used for the transportation and storage of food and frozen processing

Other uses: storage and transportation of materials and packaging equipment

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