Mini Spangle Galvanized Steel

MINI SPANGLE GALVANIZED STEEL Pure zinc coated , Mini spangle galvanized steel sheet , it is same produce with regular spangle GI. But it is different spangle on steel surface. Smaller spangle can satisfied customer’s different demand.

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Product Details


Standard:ASTM, JIS
Type:Steel Coil
Technique:Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment:No-skinpass
Length:Base on thickness
Zinc Coating:40g~270g/m2
Product features

This steel has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust. The galvanized steel has a surface that is less susceptible to corrosion and its service life is prolonged because the galvanized steel has a layer of metallic zinc on its surface. The coated zinc can produce a basic zinc carbonate film, which has good corrosion resistance and protective function.

Galvanized steel application

Construction industry: manufacturing roof panels, roof grills, etc. with good corrosion resistance

Household products: housings for home appliances, chimneys and kitchen utensils, etc.

Automotive industry: automotive parts with good corrosion performance

Food industry: equipment which used for the transportation and storage of food and frozen processing

Other usages: storage and transportation of materials and packaging equipment

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