Skinpassed Galvanized Steel

SKINPASSED GALVANIZED STEEL Skinpassed galvanized steel have the process of skinpass . Different requirement of surface, we can do for you !

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Quick details

Model Number:Galvanized
Technique:Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment:Skinpass
Application:Construction and Base Metal
Special Use:common used for roofing, building and anyothers.
Length:Base on thickness
Zinc Coating:40g~270g/m2
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Main characteristics

1.Good corrosion resistance and good protection for steel. The galvanized steel is corrosion resistant and the material is fine and uniform. With galvanized steel, gases and liquids do not easily enter the interior of the steel. In addition, after the galvanized steel, the steel body is not easily corroded in an acid-base environment for a long time.

2.Excellent ductility and decorative. The surface of the steel is very smooth after galvanizing and skinpassed process, so it is beautiful and has nice appearance. In addition, since the galvanized steel has good ductility, it is not easily deformed and bent.

3.The product uses high-precision mechanical equipment for strip cutting, suitable size and accurate tolerance. The edges of the product are burr-free and very flat.

Galvanized steel application

Construction industry: manufacturing roof panels, roof grills, etc.

Household products: housings for home appliances, chimneys and kitchen utensils, etc.

Automotive industry: corrosion-resistant automotive parts

Food industry: equipment used for the transportation and storage of food and frozen processing

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