General Prepainted Galvanized Steel

GENERAL PREPAINTED GALVANIZED STEEL The color-coated sheet is made by proceeding the chemistry treating (the degrease, phosphorus, chromium hydrochloric acid passivation) on the surface of steel sheet (zinc-plated, aluminium-zinc plated, nickel plated, etc .) then draw (the roller scribbles) the...

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This product is PPGI, with a rich color, a pleasant appearance and a barrier film to enhance long-term durability.Primer coating prevents undercutting and improves corrosion resistance. Its pretreatment layer is applied to good adhesion and enhanced corrosion resistance.

Standard:ASTM, JIS
Grade:JIS SGCC etc.
Model Number:PPGI
Technique:Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment:No-Skinpass
Length:Base on thickness
Zinc Coating:40g~150g/m2
Color coated layer:Top/back: 15/5 um.Base board GI.
Main characteristics

1.This steel is PPGI which has been chemically treated by degreasing, phosphating and chromic hydrochloric acid passivation and applied to the surface of the steel body and baked.

2.The prepainted galvanized steel has both the mechanical strength and easy forming properties of the steel sheet, as well as the good decorative and corrosion resistance of the organic material. 


1. Construction industry: be used as a roof, house ventilation pipes, stair rails and partitions

2. Home appliance industry: can be used in refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other appliances

3. Transportation industry: the production of fuel tanks and road signs

4. Agriculture: can be used to make barns to store food

5. Other uses: vending machines in the mall or game consoles in the game room

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