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Excellent properties of aluminum-galvanized steel sheet
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Aluminized Galvanized steel plate is widely used in building materials, home appliances, automobiles, environment, machinery, ships and many other fields of an alloy coating steel plate. Galvanized steel sheet is a steel plate that is covered with aluminum and zinc alloy on the surface of steel plate.

Aluminum Galvanized Steel plate has many excellent characteristics:

Corrosion Resistance: aluminum-zinc steel coil corrosion resistance is mainly due to aluminum, aluminum protection function. When zinc is worn, aluminum forms a dense layer of alumina, preventing corrosion-resistant substances from further corrosion inside.

Heat resistance: aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance, can withstand more than 300 degrees Celsius high temperature, and aluminized steel plate of high temperature oxidation is very similar, often used in chimney tubes, ovens, lighting and fluorescent cover.

Thermal reflectivity: Galvanized steel plate thermal reflectivity is high, is galvanized steel twice times, people often use it for insulation materials.

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