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Characteristics Of Hot Dip Galvanizing
- Feb 08, 2018 -

The entire steel surface is protected, whether in the pits inside the pipe, or any other coating difficult to enter the corner, the melting of zinc are easy to evenly cover.

The hardness of galvanized coating is larger than that of steel. In the corner area, the zinc layer is often thicker than other places, and has good toughness and abrasion resistance.

Zinc layer consumption in the atmosphere is very slow, about 1/17 to 1/18 of the corrosion rate of steel, and is predictable. Its life expectancy is much higher than any other coating.

Even if a small part of the zinc layer falls off due to a large mechanical injury or other reason, the iron base is exposed, and the surrounding zinc layer will play the role of sacrificial anode to protect the steel and make it unaffected.

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